New Puzzle Games For Mobile Users



All’interno di Puzzlerama trovate raccolti più di 3500 puzzle divisi nelle categorie più amate: Linee, Tangram, Tubi, Blocchi, Punti, Laser, Shikaku e molti altri. È l’applicazione definitiva per gli amanti dei puzzle, con livelli praticamente infiniti con cui rilassarsi e affinare le proprie abilità logiche. Attenzione ai cloni: Puzzlerama è la versione originale!

I creatori affermano di essere al lavoro per l’introduzione di puzzle e categorie sempre nuovi. Mantenete quindi l’applicazione aggiornata se non volete perdervi parte del divertimento!


Uncharted Fortune Hunter

If you are a fan of the Japanese console you cannot not know Uncharted. The exclusive video game series from Sony has landed on the Google Play Store with a puzzle game featuring neat graphics and intriguing puzzles.
In the game you’ll play nothing less than Nathan Drake and you’ll have to find a way to get him to the treasures in the various maps by avoiding all kinds of deadly traps. You can also connect to the Play Station Network to receive exclusive rewards for Uncharted 4: the end of a thief.

MechBox 2

Take a nice cup of chamomile and sit down before you download this game, it might get on your nerves. The creators of the game pride themselves on having created the most difficult puzzle game ever and I must admit that if it’s not true, they are very close.
In this game you have to use all the elements around you to open the MechBox and move on to the next puzzle. Will you be able to complete this game for another completely free?