Player Wins $2M from Crossword Scratcher

A woman got lucky and won 2 Million Dollars from A Crossword Lottery Ticket.

Ruby Evans a woman from Compton, California bought an Instant Prize Crossword Lottery Ticket at a Donuts shop in her town. Upon scratching the ticket in her car she realized she had won and thought he won the 2000 USD prize. But it was a day of big surprises because Evans had actually won a prize 1000 times bigger than that.

She ran back to the store and scan the ticket only to realize that $2,000,000 was her prize. It is the top prize for this game. The shop owner was happy too because of her win it will receive a $10,000 bonus.

Evans was joyful but not so shocked because it turns out that this was not her first time winning the lottery. She had won before at least three times.

She also won another $100,000 lottery ticket back in 2013.
Well we guess we could say the lightning can strike twice in the same place – even thrice.

She considers it a big blessing and it will obviously help her pay her bills and mortgage but she admits that she enjoys the game – it’s not only about the money. She has played the game for a long time and not long ago she won the 5,000 prize as well. Some friends even tease her for this, jokingly saying Ruby have you not won enough?