Trending Puzzle Games for Android 2019


The Room 2
If you want to test yourself with puzzles and interactive mysteries that are difficult to solve, this is the game you need to download. Explore the room you are in, browse through the objects and put all the clues together to get to the solution and move on to the next room. Breathtaking graphics will accompany you on this mysterious journey and an urgent soundtrack will transport you to realistic 3D environments.

We cannot lie to you, it is a paid game, of which a previous and a later version has also been made. The Room 2 costs 1.49 euros and is worth all of them, but if you really are not convinced, you can try it by purchasing it and requesting a refund within two hours of downloading.

Monument Valley 2
I’m sure you already know Monument Valley, a game we talked about and talked about again, but if, due to some strange astral conjuncture, it hasn’t happened to you yet, it’s time to immerse yourself in its fantastic world and that of his sequel!

Guide the princess Ida through enchanting settings of the most diverse architectural styles, venture among the mysterious monuments and secret passages, overcoming the riddles of the crow people. An original design, 3D graphics and optical illusions to get lost for hours, all available on the Play Store for a few euros.

Are you looking for mystical atmospheres and mysterious settings? Limbo will transform you into a particularly elastic child who tends to die in the most absurd and grotesque ways. Your task is to guide him through a world shrouded in fog and darkness to find his lost sister. Of course the only way to move forward is to solve complex puzzles.

Game graphics and soundtracks are amazing, often macabre, and puzzles become more difficult as you move on to the next level. To enjoy the game experience to the full, we recommend playing in the evening in bed, once you have switched off the light in the room. Unfortunately, even in this case you will have to spend a good 5.34 euros.

Unique of its kind Kiwanuka remotely remembers the famous Lemmings. Lead a group of travelers, the people of Kiwanuka, through dangerous places and break yourself. It will be up to you, with your decisions, to bring the people to freedom: initially you will have to guide the group simply at the end of each stage, but as the game progresses you will discover different ways to cross the enormous canyons and avoid the fatal fluorescent pink mountains.

Oriental music is really suggestive, especially when you complete a level, and offer a touch of originality that other games (in this list) do not offer. Overall a special and fun game, even in its simplicity.