Thursday’s Puzzle Commentary

If you remember we told you before that if a clue includes “e.g” it most certainly means that the item in the clue is part of a speficic category. For example in the clue “Lemon, e.g” might lead us to an answer such as LEGUMES. Sometimes however you might want to forget all that. And … Read more

Crosswords from Your Home

For most people like you and me, if the possible list of answers becomes too difficult or the right word escapes our mind altogether we put down the incomplete puzzle for good. This is not the case for the dedicated cruciverbalist, whom upon encountering a blank he sees a challenge and puts his will to … Read more

Central Ohio Wordsmith saw their xwords published in NYTimes

Central Ohio crossword smiths  thrilled of seeing their xwords published in The New York Times For cross-word puzzle fanatics, a few publications are more important than the NY Times. Its puzzles increase their difficulty From Mon to Saturday with Sunday’s puzzle being the hardest to crack, it always has a gimmick, is a delight to … Read more

A New Greco-Roman Xword Puzzle – Past U.S Olympians

If everything was normal, we would be one month removed from the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 and looking forward to the promise of a new quadrennium. Who knows what other side conversations might have popped up by now? Matter of up and coming age groupers, turnover and rule changes often control the conversation on the … Read more

Can you Solve world’s first crossword ever?

People have been challenging and testing their brains capacity since 3000 years BCE, when ancient Sumerians carved puzzles into stone tablets.(Like this one, for example: “There is a house. One enters it blind and comes out seeing. What is it?”). Over time, we’ve created puzzles that test a variety of abilities—and we improved  up the … Read more

Delhiwale: Chai served with a crossword puzzle

Alumuddhin who serves the first half of the day, is full of gossip jokes and kind of noisy. Although sudden flashes of anger are not uncommon, they however dissipate within seconds. Sirajuddhin, his younger brother is by contrast much quieter and calm and he communicates though his gentle smile, almost as if he is secretly … Read more

Trending Puzzle Games for Android 2019

The Room 2 If you want to test yourself with puzzles and interactive mysteries that are difficult to solve, this is the game you need to download. Explore the room you are in, browse through the objects and put all the clues together to get to the solution and move on to the next room. … Read more

New Puzzle Games For Mobile Users

Puzzlerama All’interno di Puzzlerama trovate raccolti più di 3500 puzzle divisi nelle categorie più amate: Linee, Tangram, Tubi, Blocchi, Punti, Laser, Shikaku e molti altri. È l’applicazione definitiva per gli amanti dei puzzle, con livelli praticamente infiniti con cui rilassarsi e affinare le proprie abilità logiche. Attenzione ai cloni: Puzzlerama è la versione originale! I creatori affermano di … Read more